Q How many people do the boats carry ?
The boats are equipped to carry up to 6 people with a combined weight not exceeding 450kg - before you ask, children are people too.
Q When do I pay ?
You pay on arrival. Your card details are taken at time of booking to secure your hire.
Q Do I have to have a credit card ?
Whilst we take debit/credit card details at time of booking, you will only pay on arrival (You can use a different card than that used to secure your booking if you wish). CLICK HERE for details of pricing.
Q What about insurance ?
Insurance cover is included in our listed prices.
Q Do I have to pay for fuel ?
Fuel is included in our listed prices
Q Are lifejackets provided ?
The wearing of lifejackets is compulsory and are provided. We have all sizes to accommodate both adults and children and can even provide doggy jackets.
Q What if I have to cancel ?
Please notify us as soon as possible by CALL or TEXT but NOT BY EMAIL, if you have to cancel your booking. Providing you CALL or TEXT us on 07866 732537 before 09.00hrs on the day of your booked hire no charge will be made. For details of charges relating to failure to cancel please refer to clause 11 of our STANDARD TERMS AND CONDITIONS.
Q What if the weather is bad ?
We want you to enjoy your time on the water so all bookings are weather dependant. We will call or text either the night before or on the morning of your booking if the weather is unsuitable. All cancellations due to bad weather are non-chargeable.
Q What constitutes bad weather ?
If the wind is averaging 15 knots or more or of there is heavy rain, storms or fog, we will cancel the booking for safety reasons. If you have any doubts about the weather please call before setting off as we want you to be comfortable with the conditions. If you are the hardy type and still wish to go out, please call us to discuss.
Q Do the boats have covers ?
The boats are open boats and not sheltered from the elements, however, they are equipped with insulated dry storage areas to protect your personal items.
Q Do I need a powerboat level 2 qualification to hire ?
No qualifications are required. We will complete a full handover before your time on the water begins.
Q What time should I arrive ?
Please arrive at the time you have booked allowing for traffic, parking etc., then your handover will begin.
Q What if I want to stay out longer than my booked time ?
During busy periods this may not be possible as booked clients may be scheduled after your booked period. Our staff will be pleased to assist wherever possible but there are no guarantees.
Q What if I have a problem with the boat ?
The boats are well maintained and reliable but things do happen. If you experience a problem please contact us on the emergency number which will be provided to you. We are always available to assist.
Q Where can I go ?
The boats are coded for use within the confines of Poole Harbour. Our website contains a series of ROUTE PLANS based around different hire times. The boats must not pass the Sandbanks Chain Ferry at any time. Financial penalties apply if this condition is not adhered to and details can be found under clause 4 of our STANDARD TERMS AND CONDITIONS OF HIRE.
Q Is there parking ?
You can park for FREE in any available marked bay on the Cobbs Quay site
Q What should I bring with me ?
Always remember that it is cooler on the water so whilst on a nice hot day you will probably not need it, it is worth bringing additional clothing and waterproofs just in case. The boat has dry storage areas where additional items can be safely stored.
Q Can I bring food & drink ?
Yes of course - nothing quite like mooring up for a nice picnic and a drink in the harbour.
Q What about fishing ?
You are more than welcome to bring your fishing gear or we do hire out rods. The handover staff will be able to advise on the best fishing spots.